Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New and Future Accessibility Features Introduced

It also supports PS Access Controller!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently revealed details of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 new and post-game accessibility features.

According to the latest PlayStation Blog post, Insomniac Games’ Advanced Senior UX Researcher Michele Zorrilla detailed the new and returning accessibility features of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Accessibility Design Researcher Sam Schaffel also shared good news related to the PlayStation Access Controller.

Previously it was revealed that players could slow down gameplay, but today it was revealed that they can now add shortcuts that allow players to assign a variety of options to the Left or Right D-pad buttons.

Players can also customize their level modifiers to make their playthrough more interesting. They can individually customize each gameplay element like enemy health, enemy damage, stealth awareness, puzzle complexity, parry timing, and more.

Returning gameplay assists to make the game more accessible is the chase assist which reduces the speed of targets and increases how long players have before they can escape. Quick time event autocomplete was also revealed, which allows players to changing repeated button presses.

Audio Frequency Controls allow players to disable uncomfortable sounds like high-pitched ringing, the bass of an explosion, or any other sounds that might set off something.

Future accessibility features include audio descriptions, a screen reader, and captions, but these would not be available right away at launch. Players will have to wait to arrive in a free update in December 2023.

It was also confirmed that the game supports PlayStation Access Controller.