Mass Effect Newest Dakimakura is Popular Quarian Tali

Have a good night rest with Tali.

Game company BioWare has recently revealed its newest body pillow case of a Mass Effect character that they are going to sell.

The next dakimakura (translated as body pillow case) character is none other than the beautiful and sexy Quarian Tali. It can now be purchased on the official website and can be shipped immediately for only $35.

There are two Tali’Zorah designs to choose from. Each design was drawn by Chris Claxton. The first design is her posing on the side while the second one is posing up front. Its dimensions are 20 x 54 in (50.8 x 137.16 cm). The website notes that it is only the pillow case and the body pillow is not included.

Here’s a description:


Check your room for spiders and get ready to sing your heart out to Fleet and Flotilla. Tali’s sleeping over. Maybe grab some antibiotics, too.

This body pillow case features two images of her. On one side, she’s lying on her back, dreaming about her homeworld. On the other, she’s somewhat on her side—and you can just imagine her telling you stories about Rannoch’s sky and rock formations until you fall asleep. Or she could rant about Bosh’tets all evening. It’s all music to our ears.

This is actually the second dakimakura design. The first one was of Garrus.

Enjoy your nights with Tali by your side with these pillow cases!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.