Henry Cavill Might Have Just Teased Us a Mass Effect Series or Film

Popular actor Henry Cavill recently posted a new image on his personal Instagram account and the paper says something related to probably Mass Effect.

According to media outlet GameSpot, who were first the one to spot it, Cavill has posted a new image on his Instagram account. He says “Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it…” The image also features him on a mirror fitted with a long haired wig, which could be for the Witcher series.

The most intriguing part of this is the paper he is holding. GameSpot refocused the image on an editor app and it was revealed that it had words like Cerberus, Reaper, Geth and Tali’Zorah. For those who are familiar with those words, you know what those words mean. Those are related to the Mass Effect game franchise.

Is he telling us he is working on a Mass Effect series or film? We will have to wait and see when the official announcements are made. But imagine Henry Cavill as Commander Shepard. That would be awesome!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming on May 14, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GameSpot