Medieval Dynasty New Trailers Revealed

Medieval Dynasty

Game developer Toplitz Productions has revealed two new trailers for upcoming video game Medieval Dynasty.

The game was part of the showcase of the recent Gamescom 2020 event. Two new trailers were revealed showcasing gameplay and insight.

The Early Access release on Steam will be on Sept. 17 offering a chance for players to experience the game and contribute for its improvements.

Medieval Dynasty is a unique combination of different successful genres:

  • Suvival: The need to survive, feed and ensure survival through hunting, farming and cultivation of the land
  • Simulation: Create tools and weapons, construct and extend  houses, stables and all manner of buildings as you grow an Empire.
  • Role playing: Develop your own character, interact with NPCs, take care of your family and form community alliances by helping others and trading freely.
  • Strategy: While pioneering in the Middle Ages you will found and expand a village, manage the inhabitants, collect resources and produce all the goods you need and use or capitalise by trading them.

The unique gameplay structure within Medieval Dynasty has created a realistic, hands-on experience set in the medieval world in a “First Person” perspective.

Soon it will be time to take you back to the Dark Ages to begin the creation of your own medieval legacy!

Source: Press Release

Check out the trailers here: