Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty (Master Collection) Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Like Metal Gear Solid 1 and the Metal Gear games, Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty has been ported into the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1. In this Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty trophy guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the Platinum trophy for this version in the Master Collection. This trophy run is vastly different from the one I did when the game was re-released on PS3. The requirements are different now and I kind of like the changes the developers implemented.

There are 52 trophies to collect in the game:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 9 Silver trophies
  • 40 Bronze trophies

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Extremely Solid: Collect all trophies

Gold trophies

  • Complete Stealth: Clear the game without Alert Mode (not including events where Alert Mode is mandatory)
  • Big Boss: Earn the title Big Boss

Silver trophies

  • Weapon Completionist: Tanker: Collect every type of weapon on the Tanker
  • Weapon Completionist: Plant: Collect every type of weapon in the Plant
  • Moving Day: Collect all boxes
  • In It to Win It: Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions
  • Yorkie: Get the bandana
  • Poodle: Get the Tanker stealth suit
  • Beagle: Get the infinity wig
  • Shiba Inu: Get the Plant stealth suit
  • Pacifist Run: Clear the game without killing anyone

Bronze trophies

  • Lights Out: Defeat Olga Gurlukovich
  • Spaghetti Cinema: Meet Revolver Ocelot
  • Bomb Squad: Learn how to defuse C4 bombs from Peter Stillman
  • Lady Fortune: Survive Fortune’s attack
  • Party’s Over: Defeat Fatman
  • Thanks, Ames: Learn the location of the president
  • No-Fly Zone: Destroy the AV-88 Harrier II
  • Bohemian Candidate: Meet President James Johnson
  • Vampire Slayer: Defeat Vamp
  • I Think You Need a Hug, E: Find Emma Emmerich
  • Sharing is Caring: Befriend Olga Gurlukovich
  • No Ray, Jose: Defeat Metal Gear RAY
  • Another Snake Bites the Dust: Defeat Solidus Snake
  • A Cut Above: Beat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty
  • Hurt Locker: Put an enemy in a locker
  • To Catch a Predator: Lure a guard with a girlie magazine
  • Animal Control: Collect a dog tag
  • Bye Bye Big Brother: Destroy 5 cameras
  • Down in Smoke: Disorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher
  • Silence is Golden: Shoot an enemy radio
  • Caution: Hot: Down an enemy with steam from a pipe
  • Kissing Booth: Kiss poster in a locker
  • Snake Beater: Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself
  • Who Ya Gonna Call?: Take a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2
  • Sexting: Send Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants
  • Johnny on the Spot: Hear Johnny’s bowel noises in two locations
  • Vamp Eyer: Catch a glimpse of Vamp standing in the streets of New York during the end cinematic
  • Love Hurts: Watch Rose kill Raiden on a rooftop
  • Hold Up-aholic: Hold up 30 enemies
  • Don’t Taze Me, Bro: Tranquillize 100 enemies
  • Nothing Personal: Break the neck of 30 enemies
  • Rent Money: Beat 30 enemies unconscious
  • Steel Grip: Attain grip level 3
  • Photo Finish: Acquire the digital camera
  • Casting Theater: Watch something in the Casting Theater
  • No Boss of Mine: Complete Boss Survival
  • Tell Me a Tale: Complete at least one of the Snake Tales
  • Piece of Cake: Complete a VR or Alternative mission
  • Cover-to-Cover Solid 2: Books of the Patriots: Reall all the pages in the Screenplay Book

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a tale told in two parts. A brief prologue with Solid Snake and then the rest of the game as Raiden. Many gamers like myself fell for the bait-and-switch, but we’ve long since put those issues behind us and appreciated the game for it was.

Fortunately for us, the Platinum requirements have significantly been reduced compared to what they were in the PS3 era. Back then, you needed to have played the game no less than 4 times to even have a shot at getting the Platinum. You also needed to do several runs just for complete stealth and no killing of enemies. All in the effort of getting the stealth suit and infinity wig so that you can attempt to get all dog tags for the Great Dane Gold trophy. Well, not anymore.

You can still hold up enemy soldiers for the Hold Up-aholic Bronze trophy. If you aim your weapon to their head or shoot them in the shoulder, they may surrender a dog tag. Collecting it will unlock the Animal Control Bronze trophy. At the very least, you no longer need to get around 300 of them on Extreme difficulty.

The only thing you need to watch out for now is making sure that you don’t kill any on the way to get the Pacifist Run Silver trophy. You can do this by having the tranquilizer as your only weapon and being in a position to choke out an enemy soldier when need be.

The only time speed really matters is when you are going for the Big Boss title and the In It to Win It Silver trophy where 1st place means being the fastest and most accurate soldier on the leaderboard.

The Johnny on the Spot Bronze trophy is easily one of the missable trophies in MSG 2. It requires you to be close enough to actually hear Johnny’s bowel struggles. If you are far away, even if you hear some noises, it will not count.

The first encounter occurs inside the hostage room where you find Ames. After you find him, you are required to listen in on Ocelot and Solidus with the direction mic. However, for the purposes of the trophy, you are required to point the mic to the left a bit and focus on Johnny’s sounds for a bit. The second time is when you have to protect Emma using the sniper rifle as she crosses struts. The moment she reaches the big tower, equip the directional mic in that direction to listen in on her conversation with Johnny. That’s when you should see the trophy info appear on screen.

The Who Ya Gonna Call? Bronze trophy used to be Silver back in the day. All you needed to do was point your camera at the big screen in Hold No. 2 of the Tanker and take a picture. If the “ghost” image doesn’t appear on screen, take another picture. You’ll know if gotten it right if Solid Snake says, “Hmmmm.” after taking a photo.

There are a couple of trophies that involve girl posters. You can get these done as early as the first section of the Tanker mission. For the Kissing Booth bronze trophy, simply look for a locker that has a girl poster on the backside of the door. Go inside the locker and close it. Once inside, press the [R1] button to make… “funny noises”. Wait until the camera starts shaking and then call Otacon to get the Snake Beater Bronze trophy. Arguably one of the funniest reprimands in gaming history.

Another hilarious one is the Sexting Bronze trophy. This one requires Solid Snake to take a picture of a marine without any pants on during a presentation of Metal Gear RAY. You’ll find this soldier in the first group of soldiers. Go to the right side of the room and take the ladder up to get the angle. Once you’ve taken the picture. Go to the PC at the end of the hold and upload the picture. You’ll get the trophy as soon as Otacon makes his comment about it and sends you back for the right images.

I don’t quite know yet if they’ve made tweaks to the Steel Grip Bronze trophy. But back then, the only way to get this trophy was to do 200 pull-ups with one of the characters. I couldn’t help but compare it to GTA San Andreas. But with the risk of falling to your death. And you will have to start over should you die. Hopefully, that’s changed. But maybe not.

And finally, there’s the Moving Day Silver trophy wherein you have to collect 7 boxes between the two protagonists. 2 for Snake and 5 for Raiden.


  • Orange Box: Inside Deck D, Crew Quarters. On the right side deep in the food pantry.
  • Web Box: Navigational Deck, after the fight with Olga. On the first guard you encounter after he opens the door.


  • Box 1: Strut A, Pump Room after getting the LVL 3 keycard. Find the room full of pipes. You should see from the outside. You’ll need to crawl past the pipes and jump onto the elevated surface to get to it.
  • Box 2: Strut F, Warehouse. Inside the left side room in the lower level.
  • Box 3: Strut E, Parcel Room 1F. You’ll need to climb up the elevated surface to get this one.
  • Box 4: Strut E, Helipad. Somewhere on the left side of the platform. Obstructed from view by a covered shelf.
  • Box 5: Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room. Look for the talking parrot. In a side room on the right, you’ll find the box.

And that’s all I have for this Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty trophy guide. All in all, with all the changes, you can expect to get the Platinum in less than 24 hours even if you are going at it at a casual pace. You’ll shave off even more time if you decide to get almost all the trophies in easy mode. My advice if you’re playing it for the first time, is just take it all in. You’ll get the platinum eventually but don’t forget to enjoy this piece of gaming history first.

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