Metallic Child Launches on Switch and PC

Metallic Child is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC

Publisher CREST Inc. and developer Studio HG have launched their rogue-lite, action game, Metallic Child, on the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). The additive action rogue-lite game sees the android Rona save the space station, Life Stream, in an adventure sure to delight fans of addictive combat and stylish anime.

For a limited time, players can purchase Metallic Child at a discounted price during launch week at $22.49 on Steam and $23.99 on Switch before it returns to the regular price of $24.99 and $29.99, respectively.

Metallic Child is a rogue-lite, action game where players take on the role of Rona, aka “Metallic Child”, as it defends the space station, Life Stream, from a robo rebellion. Players will battle through a variety of space age dungeons using randomly generated weapons and skills that delivers that fresh new gameplay feel each time. The game also includes various difficulties and content fit for a wide range of players, from beginners to experts alike.


  • 11 Unique Stages and Android Bosses: Battle through 11 unique stages to battle it out with each of the stage’s dangerous Android leader in Rona’s quest to defend the station. Players can tackle the stages in any order they wish, employing their tactics to achieve victory.
  • Near Limitless Weapon Customizations: Each weapon has their own move sets for player to master. Along the way, they can power up weapons and collect specialized ability power cores to further customize their playstyle.
  • Collect Chips and Complete Challenges to Unlock Cool Extras: Each run will see Rona collect computer chips that can used to permanently power up skills to help complete the next run. Additionally, completing challenges will net more rewards to help unlock cool skins, fan art, and recordings that’ll provide more backstory to the adventure.
Watch the official trailer here