Metroid Prime Remastered Ending Explained

The main ending and secret ending of Metroid Prime explained

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The ending of Metroid Prime Remastered has not been changed from the original 2002 game. But for those who are just getting into the Metroid universe and picked up Prime as their first game, or for those who just need a refresher on the events of the game’s ending, then we got your back.

Read ahead as we go through the ending of Metroid Prime Remastered and explain what are its implications on its sequels.

A brief summary of Metroid Prime

After answering the distress calls of a space pirate ship and discovering the space pirates’ experiments with their creation Meta Ridley, Samus Aran gave chase to their ship as it crash landed into Tallon IV. While on the planet, Samus also found out about the other experiments that the space pirate did in Tallon IV, including the ones involving Metroids, as part of their plan to harvest Phazon, a mutagenic substance that caused The Great Poison.

Along with this discovery, Samus found out about the history and the downfall of the Chozo civilization when a huge meteor crashed into the planet, causing “The Great Poison” which killed off or mutated almost every living creature in the planet. She also discovered the Artifact Temple that the Chozo built around the impact crater in the dire attempt to contain the poison. Within this temple lies the Metroid Prime who has been feeding off of the Phazon from the meteor, growing in strength over the years.

Metroid Prime Remastered Ending

After finally defeating Metroid Prime in its core state, it tries to save itself by reverting into what seems to be a more primitive Metroid form. It also manages to latch on to Samus in the process with the intent to assimilate her, but it only managed to grab the Phazon part of her suit, allowing Samus to flee the Chozon Temple as Metroid Prime explodes.

At the end of the cutscene, Samus is seen looking back at the ruins before going inside her ship and flying out of the Tallon IV planet.

Metroid Prime Remastered Secret Ending

A secret ending can be seen once you manage to collect all the collectible items and data logs before defeating Metroid Prime. In this cutscene, a puddle of Phazon is shown. From the puddle emerges an arm that has an eye at the back of the hand; this would turn out to be Dark Samus. A being born out of Phazon, Samus’ DNA and the Metroid Prime while using the technology of Samus’ suit, Dark Samus will become the antagonist of the next two Metroid Prime games.

As Dark Samus looks for more Phazon to absorb and the Phazon reserves in Tallon IV ran out, she sets out into space and ends up in planet Aether where she finally meets Samus in Metroid Prime 2.

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