Metroid Prime Remastered Meta Ridley Boss Guide

How to defeat Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered Meta Ridley cover

Meta Ridley is one of the bosses that Samus must defeat in Metroid Prime Remastered. Having been defeated by Samus in a previous encounter, Ridley was revived by space pirates using cybernetics and is now known as Meta Ridley. Because of these enhancements, he is more dangerous as ever.

Read ahead as we go through the Meta Ridley boss fight and share tips on how to win the fight easily.

How to reach Meta Ridley - Metroid Prime Remastered

How to reach Meta Ridley

Meta Ridley is the penultimate boss of the game and will actually ambush Samus at the Artifact Temple once Samus has gathered all of the 12 Chozo Artifacts needed to reach the Chozo’s secret.

How to defeat Meta Ridley - Metroid Prime Remastered

How to defeat Meta Ridley

The fight against Meta Ridley happens in two phases.

Meta Ridley Phase 1

In the first phase, Meta Ridley will be solely in the air, sending out ranged attacks and may come down to do stomp attacks every once in a while.

On the onset of the ambush, he will be firing his charged shots while flying at the edge of the arena. You can easily shoot him with your plasma shot to stagger him and cancel his attack. After which, he will reposition and attempt to do the shot again. You can keep staggering him throughout this attack chain until he flies off to prepare for a different attack.

When the bossflies far off into the mountains, he will be doing a sort of carpet bomb attack. He will fly quickly past the arena and drop multiple shots at your last location. A stronger variation is where he shoots a laser towards at you as he flies by before raining down his shots. He can do this two to three times before moving on to a different attack.

Pay attention to his feet when he flies high above you. When his feet glow, move back and prepare to jump as he stomps on the ground and release a shockwave. Keep your distance after this attack as he can follow it up with some claw strikes.

Meta Ridley Phase 2

At around 20% of his health remaining, Meta Ridley will shed its wings and land on the arena.

His attacks will change to mainly the stomp attack with an additional laser attack that swipes from side to side, and a charge attack where he would charge directly at your last location.

During this time, lock on to his head and try to land charged shots on it to make it stagger. Once staggered, the boss will raise its body high, revealing his core which is susceptible to attacks. Shoot this core again with a charged shot to deal damage to the boss.

After some successful shots, you should be able to drain Meta Ridley’s entire health. A cutscene will play showing the temple shooting its own defense laser beams at the boss to push him off the edge where he seemingly explodes. After the fight, you will then be able to gain access to the passageway which will lead you to the Impact Crater where you will fight the final boss, Metroid Prime.

Check out this video by daGOODside showing how to defeat Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime Remastered:

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