Microsoft Confirms Future Bethesda Titles To Be Xbox and PC Exclusive

The first two titles are sure exclusives, but the third is still a mystery.

Microsoft recently shared that there will be three future games developed by Bethesda that will be exclusive to PC and Xbox.

A recent document revealed that Microsoft has declared three Bethesda games will be exclusive to PC and Xbox only. It did not specify which titles are coming exclusively to these platforms but many could already guess which ones. Starfield will definitely be one of them while the other one would be Redfall, which is another title being developed by Bethesda.

The third title is a mystery but our best guess would be The Elden Scrolls 6. Its predecessors have always been multi-platform, but with the acquisition of Bethesda, this could change. No other Bethesda title would qualify as a future title becoming exclusive this is the best guess we could do. Since it will be exclusive, this could increase the value of owning an Xbox console now compared to before when the platform has been mocked for having no exclusive titles at all.

Fallout 5 was confirmed earlier, but would it be wise to make it an exclusive title? It would depend on the owner now as they would balance its accessibility versus exclusivity. So far, only those three games above mentioned are most likely to become exclusives.