Microsoft to Lay Off More Employees at Xbox Division

More people are leaving again.

Microsoft logo

A new report has revealed that Microsoft is planning to lay off more Xbox employees soon.

Bloomberg reported that more studios will be affected this time aside from 343 Industries which got the brunt of what happened last time. This is now the second round of reductions and it will affect both the marketing team and the Gaming Ecosystem group with the Surface and HoloLens divisions getting affected. It is still unknown how many have been affected and it is expected that there will be more losses in the coming few weeks.

Companies from various gaming and tech industries have been affected already and it seems more and more losses are happening. Just last year, it was Amazon that had to lay off people from its Luna Cloud experimental divisions. Due to the market right now becoming quite unstable, many companies are now standing by with their stable investments and will have to cut back on the experimental and unsafe ones.