Minecraft Earth to Shut Down Sometime in June

Game studio Mojang has recently made an official announcement in regards to what will happen to AR mobile game Minecraft Earth.

The game will be shut down on June 30, 2021 due to concerns of the global pandemic still happening. Since AR mobile games make players go out to play the game, it would be unwise for them to do so since there is still no proper vaccine. They also want the gaming community to stay healthy by not coming out in public.

Mojang also revealed what they will offer for the active players. For compensation, those who got the game and bought something in the game will get a digital copy of Minecraft’s Bedrock version. If they still have rubies, they will get an equivalent amount of Minecoins for it. Character Creator items will be offered to everyone until the game shuts down. Of course, the in-game cash will not be available for purchase anymore. Everything else will be working in-game. The items will now cost less Rubies.

Minecraft Earth is still available on Android and iOS devices worldwide, but services will end on June 30 with player data to be deleted on July 1.

Source: Official Website via Siliconera