MLB The Show 23 Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's you what you need to aware of if you're going for the platinum in MLB the Show 23

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MLB The Show 23 is the latest entry in the once-exclusive MLB The Show series. The game prides itself on its strict adherence to realism and statistics. New game modes and an updated roster keep the game fresh for devoted players, despite the yearly release.

In this trophy guide, we’ll give you a heads-up if you’re going to pursue the platinum trophy for the game. Do keep in mind that deep knowledge of the mechanics and game modes goes a long way. Hold on to your hats, everyone.

There are a total of 26 trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 6 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 9 Bronze trophies

MLB The Show 23 Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Champions of the Diamond!: Achieve all trophies in MLB The Show 23

Gold Trophies

  • Quick Turnaround: Achieve a five star offseason within March to October.
  • Here Comes the Paint!: Acquire any diamond level Starting Pitcher card from a program reward or card pack.
  • Unparalleled Pro: In Diamond Dynasty, reach level 3 parallel on any player card
  • NLB Historian: Complete all the Negro League Baseball storylines.
  • Back to Back Jacks!: Hit back to back home runs within any mode. (Excludes simulated gameplay)
  • Make the Dance: Make the POSTSEASON within March to October

Silver Trophies

  • Heart of the City: In any game mode, play a game with a City Connect uniform.
  • Old School: In any game mode, have closer pitch two innings for a save. (Excludes simulated gameplay or joining game moments in progress)
  • Guess What’s Coming: In any game mode, strikeout a batter using only one type of pitch. (Must be a full at-bat. Excludes simulated gameplay, using Quick Counts, joining moments)
  • Follow the Hype Train: Complete two or more Moments
  • Designated Dinger: In any mode, hit a home run with your team’s Designated Hitter. (Excludes simulated gameplay)
  • Lead the Way Cap: In Diamond Dynasty, unlock a captain’s tier two ability within your squad builder.
  • Another Paper Weight!: In Mini Seasons, have a member of your team win any award
  • Job Security: Achieve both the Yearly and Contact goal for your GM within Franchise
  • Future of the Franchise: Draft a player in the amateur draft in Franchise or March to October
  • This Day in History: Play a Topps Now Moment

Bronze Trophies

  • Brand Deal: Equip two or items of the same equipment brand on your Ballplayer or created player
  • Looking Good!: Create your team’s custom uniform in Diamond Dynasty
  • Back in My Day: Win a game within Retro Mode
  • This Hobby of Mine: In Diamond Dynasty, claim three collection rewards
  • If You Love Something…: Sell a diamond rarity card on the community market, using the “Sell Now” option
  • Just Getting Started: In Diamond Dynasty, complete any program
  • Practice Makes Perfect: In custom practice, create a custom play
  • To the Moon!: Hit a HR (Home Run) with at least 5 seconds or more of hang time. (Excludes simulated gameplay)
  • Baseball Beats to Play To: Within the jukebox menu, play a new song from the Jukebox

The trophy run for MLB the Show is going to be similar to a game like NBA 2K. Diamond Dynasty is kind of similar to MyTeam. Though it’s fair to say that it’s closer to EA’s Ultimate Team.

You don’t need to keep playing for the whole year for a chance at Platinum in MLB The Show 23. But it’s beneficial to know a thing or two about baseball before diving in. And If you’re already well-versed in the game’s mechanics and baseball, what you need to know is, apart from the usual trophies, you also have to get NLB Historian Gold trophy.

Alright, let’s have a refresher for newer players out there.

MLB The Show 23 is essentially the same as last year’s entry, albeit more refined. The game retains the core gameplay that includes assigning a batter, a pitcher, and catchers to man the outfield.

Some trophies will require you to take control of players directly. Trophies like Designated Dinger, Guess What’s Coming, and Old School require you to perform certain actions. The task is a lot easier using players well versed in their team role. Card packs play a part in that, but you’re better off playing a whole season as the best team in the league. Chances are, they’ll drop just for playing the game normally.

If you don’t already know, an entire season of MLB consists of 162 games. Thankfully, you can play some games directly and simulate the rest using your character’s base stats as the determining fact for a win or a loss. This only applies to the regular season. Your chosen team still has to go through the gauntlet of the POSTSEASON to get the Make the Dance Gold trophy.

Other trophies like the Future of the Franchise Silver trophy give you the option to play as your created player during an entire season of MLB or create the path to their success as their manager in Franchise mode.

The NLB Historian trophy adds a bit of variety while sharing the game’s history with the player. It asks you to complete all the Negro League Baseball storylines. As since these are storylines, you will not be asked to do entire seasons. You will skip to pivotal moments in the sport and recreate their moment of triumph and defeat.

There are two ways to get the Here Comes the Paint! Gold trophy. You either stick with the program and get that Starting Pitcher card as a reward or open card packs until you have one that’s diamond level.

Out of all of the trophies currently being tracked right now in MLB The Show 23, it seems like the This Day in History Silver trophy has not been appearing all that often. Maybe it has something to do with Topps Now and MLB discussion. In theory, you just need to play one of the Moment scenarios to unlock it. It’s strange why it’s so hard to get.

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And that’s everything we have for this MLB The Show 23 trophy guide. We hope that it at least puts you on the right track. Sports games are notorious for how much dedication they ask of players. Though it is more likely that they making it so that paying more makes the process all the easier. (Hey, whichever floats your boat.) Good luck, trophy hunters.

And check out this MLB The Show 23 trailer from the PlayStation YouTube channel featuring Derek Jeter talking about the Negro Leagues.

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