Modern Warfare: Warzone, A Cross-Platform Free-To-Play Battle Royale

Another battle royale enters the fray. This time, it’s for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now we already just had a battle royale COD for the previous installment in the series, but this time we get a taste of it for the newest engine of the franchise. Warzone, the latest upcoming battle royale, is a free-to-play cross-platform compatible that you can download at your leisure.

Credit goes to Youtuber, Chaos

Are you a fan of fast paced first person shooters similar to Apex Legends? Then you may want to try your hand at the newest Call of Duty: Warzone. Like many battle royales, Warzone is a free-to-play installment that comes along with the base game of Modern Warfare. But what if you don’t have the game, you ask? Well, not to worry. You can download the game independently for free even without Modern Warfare.

So what does Warzone bring to the table? With so many battle royale games out there, what makes Warzone worth your time? Well, quite a few things have been added to Warzone to make it stand out.

  • Cross-Platform Compatible – want to play with your friend on Xbox but you have a PlayStation? Well, Warzone is one of those games that not only allows you to connect with players from a different console, but on the PC as well. But wait, PC players have the advantage of using a mouse and keyboard, that’d be unfair, wouldn’t it? Well, not really. Modern Warfare has a system installed that detects if PC players are using a mouse and keyboard and disables control if they switch from a controller, forcing them to play on even grounds.
  • 150 Players – Warzone is probably on the bigger side of battle royale games. Most battle royales stick to 100 players at most, but this behemoth puts you in the arena with 149 other players. You can play Solo or with two other friends.
  • Independent Building Design and Giant Map – when most battle royale games are made, they often have quite a bit of buildings copy & pasted across the region. Not in Warzone. The developers have gone above and beyond to design each building independently from each other so they feel unique.
  • Killstreaks Are Still Available – you can purchase killstreaks located across stations around the map if you have enough.

Warzone is a fast paced action-shooter. This makes it more similar to Apex Legends in terms of gameplay, than the slow and careful Player Unknown’s Battleground. You’d have to be fast on your feet and react fast to any given situation.

If you don’t have Modern Warfare, don’t worry. Like mentioned, the game is free-to-play so there isn’t much holding you back from trying out the game.

From what we know, Warzone is expected to release on Tuesday, March 10.