Monark Opening Movie Now Available featuring Beautiful Animated Scenes

It describes how dark this upcoming game is going to be.

Game company NIS America has officially released the opening movie for upcoming video game Monark.

The Monark opening movie features animated sequences of the protagonist inside the school, which has been engulfed by a mysterious fog. It shows a bit of the supporting cast, but it is mostly of the protagonist.

About the game:

How far will you go to save the ones you love? Could you face the threats that surround you? Could you face yourself?
Your world is plunged into madness when the mysterious and deadly Mist surrounds Shin Mikado Academy. In order to save your friends, you enter the Otherworld, a Daemon-filled dimension beyond the real world. Within this enigmatic realm, you must learn to harness your Authority of Vanity and conjure a battalion of Fiends, whose power comes from the Ego of their master.

Develop your Ego through various psychological tests to enhance the power of your Fiends, and lead your forces into battle to fight with and against the seven “Pactbearers” that are corrupting the academy. Embrace the power of your madness to gain strength, but take care not to delve too far, lest you risk losing yourself. Fellow students and instructors will lend you their aid in your quest to resolve the anomalies throughout the campus.

Monark launches on early 2022 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo switch, and PC via Steam.

Source: Press Release