Monster Hunter Double Cross Set to Release in Japan for 3DS

Monster Hunter Double Cross

A new Monster Hunter game just got announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. Monster Hunter Double Cross, or also shown as Monster Hunter XX, will be released in Japan on March 18, 2017 for the 3DS. Quite possibly be considered as a sequel to Monster Hunter X, Monster Hunter XX’s announcement video showed some of its new content and features as well as some familiar faces:

  • Monsters such as Barioth and Barroth that were not present in MHX will be back in MHXX
  • Two new hunting styles will be added: Brave Style which lets players get more aggressive with every successful counter and/or charge they get, and an unnamed hunting style which is depicted by a hunter carrying a barrel over his head
  • Two new main monsters will be joining the four flagship monsters: Deviant Diablos and Barufaruku (バルファルク) which looks like a dragon with rocket-boosted wings
  • Prowlers (Nyanta) will be getting additional moves based from the aerial and adept styles
  • G-Rank quests will be brought back after being absent in MHX
  • New hunting maps will be added and the hunting hub will be on a flying airship

Monster Hunter Double Cross - Hunting Styles

3DS users who have save files from MHX will be able to transfer their data to MHXX, giving them a possible headstart in the game. There’s also an in-game reward for having a Monster Hunter Stories save file. It’s too early to tell yet but we may have to wait for a couple more months, or maybe a year, to see if MHXX will get an English localization like MH Generations but we will be on the lookout for that as well.

Monster Hunter Double Cross - Flagship Monsters