Monster Hunter Rise New Event Offers Reward to Craft Black Leather Pants

Game company CAPCOM has announced a new event quest for players of video game Monster Hunter Rise.

This new event quest will grant players the ability to craft Black Leather Pants at the blacksmith if they successfully complete it. They will have to face a high-ranked Almudron in the Sandy Plains. They can gain access to this event via Senri the Mailman.

The name of the quest is Almudron: Fashion victim. The summary reads:

“Rondine showed me a pair of tight pants from some far-off country. I don’t know fashion, but I know a pair of sturdy pants when I see ‘em! Complete my request, and I’ll give you the materials to forge ‘em.”

Players will need to be over HR8 to join the quest and after that, they will get three Wild Dark Leather, which can then be used to craft Black Leather leg armor and layered leg armor.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch with a PC version later on.