Monster Hunter Rise Gets Patch on Release Day

Game company CAPCOM has announced that upcoming video game Monster Hunter Rise will be getting a day one patch.

monster hunter rise

According to the official website, day 1 patch version 1.1.1 is needed to make the game gain access to the downloadable content and play online. CAPCOM also assured that there is no need to have internet in order to play local multiplayer, just as long as they have the same version of the software.

The upcoming update will be released on March 26 and it will have a file size of about 0.6GB or 600MB. For those who purchased the digital version, the needed space will be about 8GB.

The changes added with this new update is access to the content from the Deluxe Kit as well as the add-on content from pre-order and amiibo bonuses.

CAPCOM does note that it also has miscellaneous bug fixes, but it does not share the specific details.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch.