Monster Hunter Rise and Expansion Achieves New Sales Milestone

Big sales for MH Rise!

CACPOM has announced that Monster Hunter Rise has become one of its biggest hitters after reaching a new milestone.

Monster Hunter Rise is the successor of the popular video game Monster Hunter World. It was first introduced on Nintendo Switch and PC, which was then released on PS4 and PS5 early this year. Despite the late addition of the PlayStation versions, it still gained a lot of sales due to its popularity. It seems the numbers are quite high in this new report.

Monster Hunter Rise Big Sales

According to the official Twitter account of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Rise has now sold over 13 million units. Its expansion Sunbreak has now sold more than 6 million units worldwide too. This is the newest blockbuster on its hands and it seems CAPCOM is on a roll with its successes in terms of video game launches.

Sunbreak Sales is Outstanding

Aside from MH Rise, its expansion Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has also gotten impressive sales of 6 million units. Even though it is just an expansion, Sunbreak is quite popular as well with the additional content it brings to the game. New monsters, new missions, new weapons, gear, and a lot more.

Still Can’t Defeat Predecessor

While 13 million sales is quite the number, it still cannot topple down its predecessor, Monster Hunter World, which was reported to have sold over 20 million units in 2021. Still, over 13 million sales is quite the achievement.

Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak are now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.