Monster Hunter Rise New Gameplay Video Shows How to Hunt Goss Harag

CAPCOM has released a new gameplay video of upcoming video game Monster Hunter Rise featuring a new beast to conquer.

In Monster Hunter Rise, new monsters will be introduced and one of them is the Goss Harag. To make it fair for everyone when this game launches soon, the new presentation held recently showcased a new video that featured this particular monster.

Players are in for a treat as the hunters work their magic to defeat the Goss Harag in this video. It also features the Charge Blade Switch skills that make hunting easier. It damages the monster quite nicely and definitely helpful in taking down the target.

Other details included in the video are environmental items that can be used against monsters, elements, and more. It showed how the Palico and Palamute worked hand in hand with the hunter. Later in the video, it showed how the hunter used a Wirebug to mount the Tetranadon that appeared out of nowhere and used it to fight against their target Goss Harag.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on Nintendo Switch this coming March 26. It will be released on PC sometime early 2022.

Here’s the gameplay video”