Monster Hunter Rise New Details on Rampage Quest Type Shared

Monster Hunter Rise

CAPCOM just held the Monster Hunter Digital Event, which introduced a new video that gave an in-depth look at the Monster Hunter Rise new Rampage quest type.

The new Monster Hunter Rise Rampage quest type offers players a new experience in gameplay as they work hard with the citizens of Kamura Village to prepare their defensive installations and guard the Stronghold barricades against waves of invading monsters. This will include any Apex monsters that could arrive during the siege.

A number of new gameplay feature details were revealed for Monster Hunter Rise today. In addition to the initial “Silkbind Attacks” available to all 14 weapon types, hunters will unlock new “Switch Skills” for each weapon as they progress through the game. By swapping out these new skills with existing Silkbind or regular attacks, players can create all new combos and strategies that match their preferred playstyle.

Monster Hunter Rise will also include dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer, which automatically adjusts as new players enter and exit a hunt. The new “Hunter Connect” feature will allow players to create tags with their objectives and playstyle, search for other players with the same tags or invite friends to any tags they have joined. Upon completing a quest in multiplayer, players will also be able to like the other hunters in their party, and increase the likelihood of finding each other in matchmaking. Finally, players can capture their heroic accomplishments and the vibrant beauty of Monster Hunter Rise with the camera feature.

Aside from the Rampage quest trailer, there is also the Monster Hunter Rise – Kamura’s Hope trailer. It recapped the numerous new monsters and environments that will be coming to the game. It featured fan-favorite monsters like Zinogre and Nargacuga. There is also the mischievous Elder Dragon Chameleos, which will be one of the many monsters that will be coming in post-launch updates following the game’s release later this month.

CAPCOM also announced that there will be a second limited-time demo of Monster Hunter Rise that will be released on March 12. It will offer a higher difficulty hunt against the flagship monster Magnamalo for seasoned hunters. This will be an addition to the ones that were featured in the January demo.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch. It will be released on PC next year.

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