Monster Hunter Rise Ruler of the Storm Shimmering in the Dust Announced

More new updates for MH Rise.

From today, August 20th (Friday), a new event quest “Ruler of the Storm Shimmering in the Dust” will be released on “Monster Hunter Rise”, according to Famitsu.

Let’s challenge the quest where a powerful individual “Kushala Daora” that is different from the usual one appears! Hunters will get a chance to challenge at this rampaging Elder Dragon that has caused quite a storm in Monster Hunter Rise.

In addition, the item pack “Guild Provision 2” will be delivered from today. Get useful items for your hunting life! The provisions will have 50 Armor Spheres, 10 Armor Spheres+, 20 Dango Tickets, 10 Steel Eggs and 20 Mega Potions. All of them will be useful for upgrading and surviving the world of giants and dragons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Switch and for those who wish to try it out first, there is a demo version of it. For more articles about Monster Hunter Rise, read here, here, here and here.