Monster Hunter World Day One Patch Revealed

As the release date Capcom’s highly anticipated Monster Hunter: World draws closer to major platforms outside Nintendo’s handhelds, the publisher has given the game a day one patch – like much of new major releases.

This patch, according to Capcom, will fix issues and put some important changes to Monster Hunter: World. The size of the update will only be 815MB. This new patch will turn on the switch for multiplayer and other online features. There will be additional languages added: Portuguese, Brazilian, Russian, and much more after the patch has been installed. Another cool add-on is the mascot, named Poogie, will be obtained after the player progresses deeper into the game’s single-player campaign.

We’re pretty excited for Monster Hunter: World, and with what the experience brought to the players, it’s evidently going to impress a lot of newcomer to the franchise and as well as the hardcore fans. Read an in-depth article regarding about Monster Hunter: World‘s development here.

Monster Hunter: World comes out this Friday on PS4 and Xbox One.