Monster Hunter World Is Now Considered To Be The Benchmark For Capcom’s ‘AAA’ Games

Capcom posted its Q&A section for the Fiscal Year that concluded in the last week of March this year. It was revealed that the publisher has made its latest Monster Hunter installment, Monster Hunter World, as the benchmark for the company’s level of quality for triple-A (or AAA) games:

“We created Monster Hunter: World as a title that takes full advantage of game hardware specifications in order to build Monster Hunter into a global brand. Our success in making it a hit shows both the capabilities of our developers and the brand power of our IP. In order to continue growing as a global company, we are making the level of quality found in Monster Hunter: World a benchmark for the AAA titles we develop going forward.” said Capcom based on the Q&A summary.

Monster Hunter World’s success proved its worth to the Monster Hunter community, its fans, and the whole gaming community. If Capcom doesn’t stray away from its level of quality and make Monster Hunter World the benchmark, then we’ll likely to see more great games from Capcom this time around.

Monster Hunter World is already available on PS4 and Xbox One with a PC version slated to launch this Fall. You can read our full review here.