Monster Hunter World Might Come To Switch Soon?

With the ever-so-popular Monster Hunter World coming out recently, everyone has been in a frenzy on how great the game has been. It’s no surprise that people will be looking to play it anywhere on the go.

Capcom themselves, in the past, has mentioned that bringing over Monster Hunter World over to the Nintendo Switch would definitely be a difficult task, Iron Galaxy Studios however seems to have taken some interest in tackling the challenge themselves, particularly their CEO, Adam Boyes who tweeted out that porting Monster Hunter World to the Nintendo Switch may be “hard, but not impossible.”

As you can see here, Adam Boyes personally asks Capcom himself for the chance to port the game into the Nintendo Switch. Boyes himself states out that it will be a challenge, as Capcom says, but it won’t be impossible for his team to accomplish such a task.


Boyes even met some skeptical responses with quite the cool confidence. Boyes, being the former director of production for Capcom USA, may have the contacts necessary to help his team get the chance to port over Monster Hunter World to the Switch.

Iron Galaxy Studios, being responsible for Skyrim’s introduction into the Nintendo Switch which was an excellent port in itself, may be capable of handling Monster Hunter World’s entry into the Switch.

Although none of this is an actual announcement as we have yet to see Capcom’s reply. However, there may be hope for Monster Hunter World coming over to a more portable gaming experience as receiving word from a team with experience of porting a game over to a handheld console may bring some hope for those looking forward to playing the game on the Switch.

At this moment, Monster Hunter World is only available for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It can be hoped that in the nearby future, Iron Galaxy Studios manages to add “Nintendo Switch” into that list.

Source: Twitter