Monster Hunter World Announces Spring Blossom Fest With Details

Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event

Game publisher Capcom recently announced the Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Fest. The publisher also revealed new details about the event.

Monster Hunter World Astera gathering hub will get changes

During the Spring Blossom Fest event, the gathering hub in Astera will be decorated for the event. Players will have to be online in order the changes.

Almost all event quests previously released and then phased out will become available again during this festival. This is good news for players who did not get the chance to play the Horizon Zero Dawn and Street Fighter V quests.

New armor sets

Players will get to see new armor sets with the new festival. They can craft it with materials that can only be found during the quests. Palicos also get a new armor that can be crafted, costumes for the handler and poogie too.

There are new gestures and chat icons that will be implemented, but that content will be part of a paid DLC.

More sales in Astera

Astera facilities will have a boost and that will include sales, which makes shopping more convenient for the players. Bonuses for logging in will be increased as well.

Players can get two lucky vouchers a day, which are a blossom voucher and special fireworks. The Canteen will offer a limited set meal that can be purchased by players.

Nine-star event quest revealed

Players will be prompted by a new nine-star event quest that lets them hunt Deviljho in the Ancient Forest. Only hunters of hunter rank 50 or over will be contacted for this quest.

There is also a second seven-star event quest that needs hunter rank 13 or above. This will start the Mega Man crossover event that will start the hunt of two Odagaron in the arena.

The event period will start on April 6 and it will end on April 19.

Check out the Monster Hunter World Elder Dragons trailer below:


Source: Official Website