Monster Hunter X Out Now in Japan

The newest installment for the Monster Hunter franchise just got released in Japan and is now making huge waves in the monster hunting community.

Monster Hunter X, with “X” pronounced as “cross”, is now available to play on the Nintendo 3DS and it boasts a lot of new content and in-game mechanics as well as the old familiar monsters and locations from previous games. Aside from the new flagship monsters such as Dinovaldo and Tamamitsune, the most awaited addition to the game would be the new hunting styles. The three new hunting styles, namely Aerial, Bushido, and Striker, would bring a whole new experience in the gameplay. Each style has its own pros and cons and every weapon class will have its own skills and moveset for every hunting style. Players also get to play as Nyantas or the human-like cat companions and join into hunts just like any other hunter.

As of now, MHX is just available in Japanese and there are no official news yet as to the game getting an English version. It’s too early to tell if the game would be so popular outside Japan to warrant an immediate localization but with all of the new content and the demo previews, everything about the game looks promising. Some die-hard fans of the franchise who aren’t Japanese speakers are even playing the game as despite the difference language.

I guess as of now, we’ll just have to be content on watching the let’s play videos and guides of other hunters while we wait for MHXU or whatever it would be called.