Monster Master Live On Kickstarter

Independent development studio Flatfish Games informs that their Kickstarter campaign to fund Monster Master for PC has been live since June 21st.

Monster Master is an online multiplayer game where 3 FPS survivors fight 1 RTS player controlling a horde of monsters in Stephen King novel-like setting.

In the game, survivors scavenge for weapons while hunting the monster master who continues to grow in power. If they fail to catch him before the night, the hunters become the hunted.

With 22 days to end and 8% of their objective already pledged with the support of 15 backers, the Kickstarter campaign will help the developer fund the costs of production for Monster Master.


  • Online multiplayer 3 vs 1 asymmetric PVP (FPS vs RTS)
  • Pick your RTS army from different monsters, mutations, summons, traps, & hazards.
  • FPS Heroes with signature weapons along with two abilities to use
  • Stephen King, Carpenter, & Spielberg inspired horror universes
Watch the alpha gameplay trailer here

About Flatfish Games

Founded in 2014 with the idea of creating games the team would like to play. Years threw them into multiple outsourced game projects, but they kept on prototyping the games they wanted to play. Last year a light shimmered through when the concept of Monster Master came to life. It was time to take the years of sweat and learning and put it into something they could call their own. At Flatfish Games, there are programmers, artists, and designers but what unites them is that they are all gamers.

Source: Press Release