E3 2017: More Mordor!

During Mircosoft’s E3 Conference they showcased another trailer of the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

We got to see Talion spectate a dispute in the Orc Society where a giant Orc named Bruz just showed that size does matter by crushing his nemesis in a simple but brutal fashion.

Once Talion dominated him it was a hilarious change of personality that we might be in for a bunch of Bruz memes going around now. What was also surprising was that he gave you information on a fortress and the fortress lord’s weakness.

There was also some revenge story shown with a random orc that became powerful due to Talion. So most likely alot of random story can be made in the game that will certainly keep it interesting and if they’re atleast half as entertaining as Bruz then we’re in for a hell of a ride.

They also showed the level of the fortress, though they didn’t specify if there’s a level requirement needed to raid a fortress. They also showed what preparations you can do when getting ready to raid the fortresses.

After everything I’ve seen of Shadow of War in Microsoft’s E3 Conference, I can honestly say that I’m gonna have a certain giant orc at my side at all times and be my best friend.