Mortal Kombat 1 Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

The timeline has reset for the nth time in Mortal Kombat 1. But it is not Kronika who pushed the button this time around. The honor belongs to the new Defender of Earthrealm, Lord Liu Kang. But just like timelines past, there is a new conflict brewing that already threatens the new peace the God of Fire forged for his subjects.

In this Mortal Kombat 1 trophy guide, I’ll give you some pointers to help you on your quest to complete the Komquest of this game. Fortunately for us, the structure remains similar to past games wherein the emphasis lies more on the Tower (aka Arcade mode) and Adventure mode. Story mode remains the highlight as we all would like to see how Liu Kang’s vision of peace survives when so many malefactors have gathered in one place.

If the game wants to have sequels, I’m guessing this “first” game won’t end well this time around as well.

There are 51 Trophies to collect in total in Mortal Kombat 1:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 1 Gold trophy
  • 15 Silver trophies
  • 34 Bronze trophies

Mortal Kombat 1 Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Kompletionist: Komplete All Trophies

Gold trophy

  • What Just Happened?: Komplete 100% of Story Mode

Silver trophies

  • A New Timeline: Komplete 50% of Story Mode
  • Who Was That???: Complete Chapter 15 twice
  • Deadly Assassin: Perform 20 different Fatalities
  • Give A Koin: Spend 10,000 Koins on the Shrine
  • King Slayer: Dethrone a King
  • Rollin’ With My Krew: Komplete Mastery with 5 Kameo Characters
  • Juggernaut: Reach Invasions Level 20
  • Vanquished: Defeat The Final Boss of an Invasions Season
  • Made It Out Alive: Komplete a Survival Encounter
  • Unlock a Secret Fight: Unlock a Secret Fight
  • High Score, Is That Good?: Obtain a Total Score of 5,000,000 in Gateway Towers
  • Happy Endings: Unlock 10 Tower Endings
  • Big Spender: Spend 10,000 Seasonal Kurrency
  • Total Disrespect: Perform a Taunt without being interrupted during an online match
  • Thank You For Being a Fan!!!: Watch the Kredits

Bronze trophies

  • Become a Ninja in No Time: Komplete the Basic Tutorial
  • Eye of the TaiGore: Spend a total of 1 hour in Practice
  • Titan: Deal 10,000 Damage to opponents
  • Beaten and Broken: Spill 5,000 pints of blood
  • It Has Begun!!!: Komplete Cage Mansion Tutorial
  • Kontender: Play 5 Kombat League sets
  • Karnage: Perform 10 different Brutalities
  • Annihilation: Perform 10 different Kameo Fatalities
  • Making Friends is Easy: Use 10 different Kameo Characters
  • Puppet Master: Komplete a Klassic Tower with 5 different Characters
  • Test Your Might: Komplete 5 Unique Test Your Might Encounters
  • So I Just Kill Stuff??: Komplete 5 Unique Encounters
  • Adventure Time: Komplete 25 Unique Encounters
  • Buddy System: Komplete Mastery with 1 Kameo Character
  • Where’s Blanche: Trade for an item from an Outworld Shop
  • Take and Deny: Trade for an item from an Earthrealm Shop
  • Ultimate Power: Use a Talisman
  • Feeling Stronger: Reach Invasions Level 5
  • Unstoppable: Reach Invasions Level 10
  • Not So Big Now Are You??: Defeat a Mini Boss in Invasions
  • Who Da Boss??: Defeat a Major Boss in Invasions
  • Always Accessorize: Equip a Relic
  • Kollector: Equip 3 different Relics
  • The Mighty Have Fallen: Komplete a Titan Battle
  • ABACABB: Use a Key
  • Make Way, I’m Koming Through: Klear an Obstruction in Invasions
  • Stop Hiding: Survive an Ambush
  • Quest Master: Komplete 3 Daily Quests
  • Working Overtime: Komplete a Weekly Quest
  • There is No Knowledge That is Not Power: Use 10 Single Use Items
  • Witness Me!!!: Change your Kombat Kard Player Module

The trophy run for Mortal Kombat is a forgiving one. There aren’t as many that require you to go online or ones that require you to perform krazy combos. There are some like the Give A Koin Silver trophy that asks you to spend 10,000 Koins on the Shrine. If it’s anything like Mortal Kombat 11, expect there to be lots of skins and other accessories to kollect. For overall completion, there isn’t exactly a starting point for you to get into. You just pick your preferred game mode and progress from there.

But let’s first start with the fan-favorite Story Mode. Everyone knows how this one goes by now. You’ve probably already seen previews floating around the internet. This has been how the game’s advertised and it has worked to get players excited for what’s to come.

The story mode remains largely unchanged from past iterations. It is a chapters-based experience with multiple choices with whom you want to fight as in certain fights. It won’t change the overall story in the bigger picture since the outcome is always the same should you manage to win. By kompleting 100% of Story Mode, you’ll be able to unlock the What Just Happened? Gold trophy. The one and only Gold trophy in Mortal Kombat 1.

I actually have a vested interest in the new Kameo system. This feature brings in characters from past games as they were during that timeline to fight by your side as Summons and at times combo extenders when needed. You will be surprised how different your usual attacks are when used with Kameo fighter or two.

To get the Deadly Assassin Silver trophy requires you to perform 20 different Fatalities. Characters should have 2 or more Fatalities to choose from and you can always check how to do them from the move list when you pause the game. The Annihilation Bronze trophy is much the same save for the fact that it requires Kameo Fatalities from 10 different fighters.

Invasions is a new game mode in Mortal Kombat 1. You are essentially moving point to point, completing fights under specific conditions to achieve victories. The training stage takes place in Johnny Cage’s mansion if anyone is interested.

The game mode seems to have some depth to it since you can reach Level 20 to earn the Juggernaut Silver trophy. Looking at the Not So Big Now Are You?? and Who Da Boss?? Bronze trophies, there are going to be mini-bosses and major bosses in the mix respectively. I don’t know if they’ll be stronger characters from the current roster or if we’ll fight Goro for the 100th time. (I not so secretly want to recreate the Johnny Cage scene from the Mortal Kombat movie from the 90s.)

Going from the trophy list, we know that there are going to be items in Invasions. You can buy one-time-use items to aid you in the next fight. There are a few trophies related to that. We’re also going to see how Talismans come into play. If they’re anything like Shinnok’s Amulet then we are all in trouble. That’s how you’ll also get the Ultimate Power Bronze trophy.

I don’t actually have much to go on for the Made It Out Alive Silver trophy. In past Mortal Kombat games, Survival is a series of back-to-back fights with no health recovery in between. I can only assume that’s how it’ll play out in Mortal Kombat 1. Still, I’ll take the Gauntlet over an overpowered Shao Kahn any day. Though he goes with an axe now. Don’t know I feel about that at the moment.

Mortal Kombat’s arcade mode, The Tower, is going to return in Mortal Kombat 1. There are a couple of trophies tied to this game mode and those are the Puppet Master Bronze trophy and the Happy Endings Silver trophy. Both require the player to complete a series of matches and if you beat the Tower, you will watch a Tower Ending that’s akin to a “What-if” ending to the story.

I don’t have specifics on the Unlock a Secret Fight Silver trophy but I remember a time when Reptile was a secret character. The way you unlocked him was by going Flawless all the way to the Spiked Pit level and there, Reptile will appear before you. The hint was in the after-match results. This may be a similar thing in Mortal Kombat 1.

And that’s about every I have for this Mortal Kombat 1 trophy guide at the moment. I will have more when the game does come out and I get to know specifics related to each of the trophies in depth. Stay tuned for that update should it come out.

Mortal Kombat 1 is set to release on September 19, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store.)

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