MultiVersus Will Be Getting Important New Feature in Future Update

Hitbox is coming to the game!

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MultiVersus Director Tony Huynh has recently confirmed in a response to a fan about a certain new feature that will be added to the game later on.

The popular free-to-play brawler has become quite successful on all platforms it is available on even though it is still on open beta. The director does consider it as a soft launch of the game though, but they are continuing to introduce updates to it with fixes, improvements, and more playable characters.

Huynh is quite active on Twitter and has been seen responding to some posts revealing their upcoming plans for the game. One of those Twitter users directly asked him about their plans for the game and possibly adding a new setting, the Show Hitboxes option. Hitboxes are the parts of the character where opponents could hit with an attack. With hitboxes, players could learn the spacing and where to attack.

The director did respond to the user and confirmed that the team is still developing that feature. They will be adding that helpful feature at some point in the future. He did say that the hitbox system is still being worked on. They did not give a specific release date and it could take a while before the developers release it with a new update.

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MultiVersus now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.