Multiversus tier list: best characters ranked (June 2024)

Every Character in MultiVersus Ranked Tier List - Full Release Version

Multiversus Tier List - Best Characters Ranked

If you want to know which Multiversus characters are considered the strongest in the current meta, our tier list can be a helpful starting point for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Following the full launch of MultiVersus, several new characters have been added to the roster. The most recent one is Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

There are currently 27 fighters in MultiVersus, and with such a diverse roster, determining the best fighter can be challenging. Knowing the best characters can help players create effective team compositions that synergize well together. Also, unlocking characters requires in-game currency or real money.

To help you choose the best characters in Multiversus, and to help you decide which characters to unlock first, we’ve put together a tier list that ranks all the fighters in the game from the best to worst.


Here is the current Multiversus tier list:

  • S-tier (Excellent): Arya Stark, Finn The Human, Batman, Harley Quinn
  • A-tier (Great): Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Gizmo, Wonder Woman, Banana Guard, Shaggy
  • B-tier (Good): LeBron James, Velma, Reindog, Steven Universe, Black Adam, Jason, Joker, Morty, Rick, Superman, Taz
  • C-tier (Average): Garnet, Jake The Dog, Marvin The Martian, Stripe
  • D-tier (Unavailable): The Iron Giant, Agent Smith

Arya Stark (S-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Arya Stark as an S-tier character.

Arya is an Assassin that has high damage output, is fast and agile, and great at catching opponents off guard. Arya is one of the fastest characters in the game, both on the ground and in the air. Her incredible speed allows her to quickly close the distance, dodge attacks, and unleash a flurry of strikes before her opponents can react. Her “Needle Strike” and “Dagger Slash” can easily rack up damage, and her “Air Assassin” move allows her to teleport behind opponents. However, she can be very fragile, she has low defense and she can be easily knocked out if caught by a few strong attacks, especially from bruisers or tanks. Her special moves also require precise execution, and she can sometimes struggle against zoning characters.

Finn the Human (S-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Finn the Human as an S-tier character.

Finn the Human is a high-risk, high-reward character. Finn is a Bruiser that excels at dealing damage and have good mobility. His versatility, powerful attacks, and unpredictable moveset make him a threat in any situation. Finn possesses a wide array of attacks, both on the ground and in the air, that allow him to adapt to various situations and opponents. His sword strikes offer excellent range and combo potential, while his kicks and backpack attacks provide additional mix-up options. Finn’s passive ability, “Mathematical!”, allows him to collect coins with each successful attack. These coins can then be spent on powerful special moves, such as the “High Five, Dude!” backpack attack that can easily KO opponents. However, Finn can be difficult to use. Many of his attacks, especially his aerials, have significant end lag, making him vulnerable to attacks if he misses.

Arya Stark & Finn the Human Combo: This duo combines Arya’s high damage and assassination potential with Finn’s versatility and strong combo game. Arya can quickly eliminate priority targets, while Finn provides consistent damage and disruption.

Batman (S-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Batman as an S-tier character.

Batman is considered top-tier in our list because of his versatility, well-rounded toolkit, and ability to adapt to various situations. Batman’s moveset offers a balanced mix of ranged and melee attacks, allowing him to effectively deal with opponents at various distances. He can zone with his Batarangs, engage in close-quarters combat with his combo attacks, and even apply pressure with his smoke bomb. His grappling hook provides him with excellent mobility, allowing him to quickly traverse the stage, initiate combos, escape dangerous situations, or even surprise opponents with unexpected attacks. However, as a Bruiser, Batman is relatively lightweight and can be easily launched by strong attacks, especially from tanks and heavy hitters. This makes him vulnerable to early KOs if he gets caught in a combo or doesn’t manage his positioning well.

Harley Quinn (S-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Harley Quinn as an S-tier character.

Harley Quinn is a glass cannon, meaning she sacrifices defense for incredible offensive power. Her attacks hit hard, especially her aerial combos and “Puddin’ Shots” projectile. When she lands a combo, she can quickly rack up damage and potentially KO opponents before they can recover. Her “Batter Up!” special can be used for juggling opponents and extending combos, leading to even more devastating damage. Harley Quinn’s “Stuffie Bat” and “Confetti Grenade” projectiles are excellent for zoning and controlling space. They can force opponents to approach cautiously and create openings for Harley to initiate her combos. Additionally, her “Batter Up!” special can be angled to hit opponents at various heights, making it difficult for them to avoid. But just like Arya, as an assassin, Harley Quinn’s primary weakness is her low defense. She can be easily knocked out if she gets caught by a few strong attacks, especially from bruisers or tanks.

Batman & Harley Quinn Combo: Batman’s zoning with Batarangs and grapple hook complements Harley Quinn’s damage and crowd control abilities. Batman can create opportunities for Harley Quinn to unleash her powerful combos.

Bugs Bunny (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Bugs Bunny as an A-tier character.

Bugs Bunny is a master of controlling the battlefield with his vast array of projectiles and zoning tools. His “Safe Investment” move allows him to plant a safe on the ground, which explodes after a short delay, dealing damage and launching opponents. He can also throw pies that heal allies and can be redirected for strategic plays. These tools, combined with his “Airdrop” special that drops a random object on opponents, make it extremely difficult for opponents to approach him safely. His “Why I Oughta!” combo attack can break armor and lead into other attacks, and his “Special Delive-Rocket!” move can be used for quick burst damage or to extend combos. Howeverm despite his strengths, Bugs Bunny is relatively fragile. As a mage, he needs to rely on his zoning tools and careful positioning, otherwise he is susceptible to being quickly knocked out if he gets caught in close combat.

Tom and Jerry (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Tom and Jerry as an A-tier character.

Tom and Jerry’s gameplay revolves around Jerry acting as a projectile, controlled by the player using Tom. This dynamic creates a unique zoning style where Jerry can be thrown, bounced off walls, and even picked up by allies for a temporary buff. Tom and Jerry possess a diverse moveset that includes melee attacks, ranged attacks, and various specials. Tom’s attacks are primarily melee-focused, while Jerry controls most of the ranged attacks. Their “Slingshot Sharpshooter” move allows Tom to fire Jerry like a projectile, while “Goin’ Fishin'” allows Jerry to pull opponents closer for a potential combo. These attacks can be combined to create powerful and unpredictable combos. Their “Rocket Mouse” special sends Jerry flying in a rocket, dealing damage and knocking back opponents. This can be used to disrupt enemy movements, create space, or even secure kills near the edge of the stage. However, the disadvantage is that both Tom and Jerry have separate health bars, and each one is relatively low compared to other characters. This makes them vulnerable to being knocked out quickly if focused on individually or separated from each other.

Bugs Bunny & Tom & Jerry Combo: This mage duo excels at zoning and controlling the space with projectiles. Bugs Bunny’s traps and Tom & Jerry’s ranged attacks can keep opponents at bay while dealing significant damage.

Gizmo (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Gizmo as an A-tier character.

Gizmo is primarily a support character, equipped with a variety of tools to assist his allies. His “Song of the Mogwai” neutral special creates a protective bubble that blocks projectiles and heals allies within it. His “Gizmo-a-Go-Go” side special summons a miniature car that allies can ride for a speed boost and protection, while also damaging opponents who get in the way. As a support character, Gizmo prioritizes utility and healing over defense. He has relatively low health and can be easily knocked out if caught out of position or focused on by opponents. This makes him vulnerable in 1v1 situations and requires careful positioning and protection from his teammates.

Wonder Woman (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Wonder Woman as an A-tier character.

Wonder Woman strikes a great balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. Her attacks pack a punch and can be chained into effective combos, while her shield and “Warrior’s Charge” armored attacks allow her to absorb damage and create openings for counterattacks. Wonder Woman’s “Lasso of Truth” is a powerful zoning tool that can pull opponents towards her, disrupting their movement and setting up combos. Her “Flying Warrior” aerial attack can also be used to cover distance and pressure opponents from afar. Additionally, her “Defense of the Gods” shield can reflect projectiles. This makes her a well-rounded character who can adapt to various situations and playstyles. However, her skills require precise timing and positioning to land effectively. This can make her less forgiving for new or inexperienced players who might struggle to consistently hit their targets.

Gizmo & Wonder Woman Combo: Gizmo’s exceptional support capabilities, including buffs, heals, and turret zoning, synergize well with Wonder Woman’s balanced offense and defense. This duo provides a strong mix of damage, survivability, and utility.

Banana Guard (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Banana Guard as an A-tier character.

Banana Guard boasts the longest melee range in the game thanks to his spear. This allows him to safely poke at opponents, control space, and damage them from a distance. Many of his attacks have disjointed hitboxes, meaning the hitbox extends beyond his character model. This makes it harder for opponents to counterattack him and can lead to unexpected hits. Banana Guard’s up special “Bananacopter”, gives him excellent recovery options, making him difficult to edge-guard. His aerial attacks also have a good range for keeping opponents away from the ledge. Banana Guard is also relatively easy to pick up and play, making him a great choice for newcomers to the game. The only disadvantage is that he has no ranged attacks, and many of his attacks, especially his specials, have a slow windup time, making them predictable and easily dodged if mistimed.

Shaggy (A-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Shaggy as an A-tier character.

Shaggy’s signature Rage mechanic is a game-changer. After charging up by taking damage or collecting rage sandwiches, he enters a powered-up state, significantly increasing his damage output and unlocking powerful special attacks. This allows for impressive comebacks and high-pressure situations. Once Shaggy enters his Rage state, he gains access to devastating combos that can quickly rack up damage and secure KOs.  However, his moveset, particularly when in Rage mode, can be somewhat predictable. Experienced players can anticipate his attacks. And while charging his Rage, Shaggy is vulnerable to attacks and can be easily interrupted.

LeBron James (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Lebron James as a B-tier character.

While LeBron James was initially considered a top-tier pick in MultiVersus, recent balance adjustments and the evolving meta have placed him more firmly in the B-tier. LeBron’s unique playstyle, revolving around his basketball projectile and dunk attacks, requires precise timing, prediction, and understanding of spacing. Mastering his moveset and maximizing his potential can be challenging for new players.
His “L-Train!” special, while powerful, has a long wind-up and can be easily punished if missed. This requires players to be very mindful of their positioning and timing when using this move.

Velma (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Velma as a B-tier character.

Velma Dinkley, the brains behind Mystery Inc., has consistently found herself in the B-tier of MultiVersus. Velma’s primary strength lies in her zoning and projectile game. Her “Words of Encouragement!” move allows her to charge up and fire word projectiles that deal damage and apply a “Weakened” debuff to opponents. This debuff makes them take increased damage from subsequent attacks. Additionally, her “Motivational Speaker” special launches a large word bubble that can push opponents back and deal significant damage. Velma’s passive ability, “Evidence Collection,” allows her to collect evidence by hitting opponents with attacks. When she collects enough evidence, she can call the police with her “Support-a-Friend!” special, who will attempt to arrest an opponent, temporarily removing them from the fight. However, Velma is not the most mobile character in MultiVersus, playing her feels heavy as she lacks most movement options. Plus, Velma’s melee attacks are relatively weak compared to bruisers or assassins.

Reindog (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Reindog as a B-tier character.

Reindog’s primary ability is his Love Leash tether. This allows him to attach to an ally, pulling them back to safety if they’re about to fall off the stage or get ring-outed. It also provides a small amount of healing and a movement speed buff to the tethered ally, making it a crucial tool for keeping teammates alive and in the fight. However, Reindog is heavily dependent on having teammates. His support abilities are only impactful when used in tandem with the offensive capabilities of other characters. Without proper coordination, the effectiveness of his abilities is greatly reduced and very disadvantaged at 1v1 situations.

Steven Universe (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Steven Universe as a B-tier character.

Steven‘s signature move, the “Shield of Steven,” is a versatile tool that can protect both himself and his allies from incoming attacks. This shield can be used to absorb projectiles, block melee attacks, and even reflect certain specials. His “Bubble Wrap” move allows him to encase allies in a protective bubble, granting them temporary invincibility and healing them over time. This can be a game-changer in team fights, keeping allies alive and disrupting enemy combos. But Steven’s primary focus is on defense and support, which means his damage output is lower compared to bruisers or assassins. He relies more on his teammates to secure kills while he focuses on keeping them alive and disrupting opponents.

Black Adam (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Black Adam as a B-tier character.

Black Adam boasts a variety of strong attacks, particularly his aerials and charged moves. His “Aerial Ace” and “Aerial Thunderclap” can deal significant damage and launch opponents, while his charged “Shazam!” projectile can be devastating when it connects. But despite his attacks being powerful, they can be predictable. Experienced opponents can easily anticipate and dodge these attacks.

Jason (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Jason as a B-tier character.

Jason Voorhees’ most notable strength is his incredible durability. This iconic horror villain from Friday the 13th has a massive health pool and access to armor moves like “Slasher Stance” and “Scary!”, allowing him to withstand significant attacks and stay in the fight longer than most characters. This makes him a difficult opponent to quickly eliminate. However, Jason is one of the slowest characters in MultiVersus, making it difficult for him to approach opponents or chase them down. His lack of mobility can be exploited by faster characters who can easily dodge his attacks and escape because of his slow movement.

Joker (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Joker as a B-tier character.

Joker’s moveset revolves around using a variety of gadgets to create chaos and mayhem on the battlefield. He can summon a boxing glove for powerful attacks, ride a pogo stick for mobility, and throw razor-sharp playing cards for ranged attacks. Joker’s gadgets and specials can be utilized for effective edgeguarding. He can pressure recovering opponents with his boxing glove, playing cards, or “BANG!” flag gun, making it difficult for them to return to the stage safely. As a hybrid bruiser/assassin, Joker sacrifices defense for offensive power. He can be easily knocked out, and many of his attacks and gadgets require precise timing and positioning to land effectively.

Rick (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Rick as a B-tier character.

Rick Sanchez, the cynical and brilliant scientist from Rick and Morty, finds himself in the B-tier of MultiVersus due to his unique but niche playstyle. Rick’s primary strength lies in his ability to zone and control the battlefield with a variety of tools. His “Basrick Portal Theory” move allows him to summon portals that he and his allies can use to teleport around the stage, creating surprise attacks and confusing opponents. His “Meeseeks and Destroy” special summons Mr. Meeseeks, who can attack opponents and even self-destruct for a powerful explosion. However, Rick’s effectiveness heavily relies on his gadgets and summons. Mistiming his attacks or misplacing his portals can leave him vulnerable.

Morty (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Morty as a B-tier character.

Morty‘s moveset includes a mix of melee attacks, projectile grenades, and unique specials. His “Hammer Morty” move allows him to spin a hammer for a multi-hit attack, while his “Temporal Back-Up” special can rewind time for a short duration, allowing him to recover from mistakes or create surprise attacks. Morty’s “Plumbus Time!” move generates a Plumbus that can be used to pull opponents towards it or knock them back, depending on the timing. However, Morty suffers from having low defense and squishiness.

Superman (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Superman as a B-tier character.

Superman, despite being one of the most powerful superheroes, is currently considered just a B-tier character in the MultiVersus meta. Superman’s attacks pack a serious punch. His forward air attack is a fast and effective tool for initiating combos, while his “Ten-Ton Tackle” can launch opponents across the stage. His “Heat Vision” and “Ice Breath” specials can deal significant damage and control space. However, Superman’s moveset can be predictable. His attacks have noticeable windup animations, and his specials, while powerful, are relatively straightforward. Experienced opponents can easily anticipate and dodge his attacks. Additionally, his combos have limitations unlike other bruisers such as Batman or Finn who can do extended combos.

Taz (B-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Taz as a B-tier character.

Taz’s signature move, the Taz-Nado, is a powerful whirlwind attack that can hit opponents multiple times, dealing significant damage and potentially knocking them off the stage. Taz’s Taz-Nado, combined with his “Chew!” special that allows him to swallow opponents and spit them out, creates a chaotic and unpredictable playstyle that can easily disrupt opponents’ strategies. However, while it’s a powerful tool, the Taz-Nado has a long cooldown, and recent updates have nerfed Taz’s Taz-Nado, reducing its duration and damage potential.

Garnet (C-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Garnet as a C-tier character.

Garnet, while she possesses strong attacks, her limitations and weaknesses hold her back from competing with top-tier characters. Her “Rocket Fist” and “Gem Dash” specials can launch opponents. Garnet’s “Strong and Unstoppable” trait gives her armor during specific attacks, allowing her to absorb some damage and continue her assault. Her “Electric Groove” special creates an electric field that can disrupt opponents and push them back. Howver, Garnet is one of the slower characters in MultiVersus, both on the ground and in the air. Most of her attacks are melee-focused, requiring her to get close to opponents to deal damage which always put her at a disadvantage against characters with long-range attacks or zoning abilities.

Jake The Dog (C-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Jake the Dog as a C-tier character.

Jake’s most defining feature is his ability to stretch and contort his body, giving him access to unique attacks and surprising range. His “Gut Punch” and “Where’s My Halfpipe?” moves utilize his stretchy limbs for creative and unpredictable attacks. His “Eat Your Greens!” neutral special can also swallow opponents, dealing damage and disrupting their movements. Jake’s attacks however, while unique, don’t deal as much damage as other bruisers. Due to his stretchy nature, some of Jake’s attacks can have inconsistent hitboxes, making them unreliable at times, most often leading to missed attacks.

Marvin The Martian (C-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Marvin the Martian as a C-tier character.

Marvin’s primary strength lies in his ability to control space and zone opponents with his various projectiles and gadgets. His “Blaster” attack fires a laser beam that deals damage and can be charged for increased power. His “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator” (or simply Q-36) is a powerful bomb that can be detonated remotely, creating a large area-of-effect attack. However, Marvin’s overall damage output is relatively low compared to other classes. He also has low defense, making him vulnerable to being knocked out quickly if caught in a combo or focused on by opponents. His low damage output, fragility, and reliance on precise aim and timing hold him back in the current meta.

Stripe (C-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting Stripe as a C-tier character.

Stripe’s greatest strength is his unpredictable nature. His moveset includes a variety of melee attacks, chainsaw attacks, and explosive projectiles, allowing him to constantly keep opponents guessing. His “Saw Blade” and “Skates” specials provide additional mobility and damage potential, making him difficult to pin down. While his chaotic playstyle can be effective, it can also be a double-edged sword. If his attacks miss or are poorly timed, he leaves himself vulnerable. This makes him less reliable compared to characters with more consistent and predictable movesets. More so, Stripe’s biggest weakness is his low defense. 

The Iron Giant (D-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting the Iron Giant as a D-tier character.

Iron Giant was temporarily removed from the MultiVersus roster due to balance issues. The character was considered too strong and difficult to counter, leading to an unfair advantage for players who used him. The developers have stated that they are working on adjustments to Iron Giant and plan to reintroduce him to the game in a future update, so he will stay on D-tier until further notice.

Agent Smith (D-tier)

MultiVersus tier list highlighting the Agent Smith as a D-tier character (for now)

MultiVersus’ mysterious new fighter, Agent Smith can be unlocked for free by playing Rifts. Without specific details about Agent Smith’s abilities and performance in MultiVersus for now, we are placing him on D-Tier along with Iron Giant who was delisted.

It’s important to note that this tier list is subjective. Additionally, they are not set in stone and can change as the game receives future balance updates, and meta evolves as players discover new strategies. Remember, these are just suggestions, and the best team composition for you will ultimately depend on your preferred playstyles and the specific characters you enjoy using. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find combinations that work best for you!

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