MXGP Pro Motorcross Game Gets WIP Gameplay Video

MXGP Pro testing video

Game developer Milestone Srl recently released a new video for MXGP Pro Motorcross video game. It shows how the game runs and its improvements.

MXGP Pro video focuses on recent development

Milestone Srl revealed in the latest work-in-progress video that featured the recent improvements. It showcases how the game runs in its first official gameplay run. One of the first known features was the players’ ability to customize motorcycles to their hearts’ content.

The video featured different kinds of dirty, muddy tracks to ride on. It featured a career mode with a Compound area. This new area will serve as a large training area for them to try out with different kinds of terrains.

Players get to see the game’s HUD elements and its awesome physics. It features some mud and dirt being flung around and the tracks are given life by adding a lot of clutter.

The game will launch this coming June 29. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Check out the WIP video below:

Official website here.

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