NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Versions Features The City

Game company 2K Games recently shared some information about the next-gen version of basketball video game NBA 2K21.

According to the recent “Courtside Report,” players who own the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game can visit The City. This is an improved version of the previous Neighborhoods and will resemble a modern metropolis complete with skyscrapers, plazas, and a city center. It will house four distinct boroughs that will be controlled by four rival Affiliations.

Here are the core components of The City and their functions:

  • Rookieville – Located on the southern side of The City and this is where players will start with their journey.
  • Boroughs – These are the North, South, East, and West sections of The City and controlled by the Affiliations. They have their own vibe and collection of basketball courts.
  • Event Center – Located at the center of the City where all The City events happen. There are also special intra-Affiliation competitions happening here.
  • Garage Hoops – Scattered throughout The City where players can shoot hoops whenever they want. When other players meet up with them there, they can launch into several game types to play together.
  • People of The City – NPCs of The City. Some are just bystanders while others would give quests to players to complete. They might even reward them with some content that could help them with their journey.
  • Gatorade Training Facility – Players train here to level up their characters with higher experience rewards. In order to gain higher stats, this is the place to visit.
  • Special Courts – These are special courts that are dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant. It has the designed with Kobe’s signature snakeskin design and his numbers 8 and 24 mark the restricted areas at the opposite ends of the court.
  • Fire Ball – Fire Balls happen when players win 10 games in a row on Affiliation courts. Expect crowds to gather when this happens and your fame will rise.
  • Pink Diamond Plaza – This is where the MyTEAM Triple Threat Online experience is held. It is decked with fluorescent lights and music done by a resident DJ.
  • Apparel Stores – Several apparel stores will be featured in The City. It will include all favorite brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and many more.

There are four affiliations in this game. This was one of the many requested features from the gaming community and now 2K Games has implemented it once more.

The four Affiliations are:

  • North Side Knights 
  • South City Vipers 
  • Beasts of the East
  • Western Wildcats

The City will only be available on NBA 2K21 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. For a more detailed explanation, check here.