NBA 2K22 Reveals New-Gen Gameplay Reveal Trailer Showing Innovations

A lot of changes are coming to this latest iteration.

Game company 2K Games has recently released a new in-depth look at the gameplay updates for NBA 2K22 in a new-gen gameplay reveal trailer.

The latest NBA 2K22 new-gen gameplay reveal trailer details the ambitious feature list that includes faster-paced gameplay, tighter and more responsive movement, more skill-based offense, changes to the player builder, and more.

Gameplay Director at Visual Concepts Mike Wang said that their goal was to create fun and competitive gameplay that will ensure that the game will deliver one of the most authentic gaming experiences in the gaming market today. This year, they have worked together with the gaming community and used their feedback to address some of the key changes that they are looking for. They have now adding a number of new gameplay enhancements that will improve the gameplay experience for NBA 2K22.

There are several new gameplay innovations and that includes defense and defensive AI that has complete rebuilt the shot contest and blocking systems, dribbling which now feels unique when sizing up with significant faster overall pace, post play with new upgrades adding content like new movement and more, shooting has a new shot meter that will dynamically expand when players take high-quality shots, finishing allows customization with their dunks in new Dunk Style Creator, and builds, badges and takeover.

NBA 2K22 launches on September 10, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.