NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters Collection Event Rewards

Here's what you need to know if you're looking to the Dark Matter Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as part of the Bracket Busters event

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This March Madness has been a wild one. The top 12 teams have been knocked out and we are close to crowning a champion. At the same time, we still have one more week to complete the NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters Event.

This guide will tell you what you need to know about what the rest of the event is about and what rewards you can still get. It should be noted that if haven’t logged in every day of the event for the last two weeks, you have lost the chance to get the 98 Overall Glen Rice Galaxy Opal. Also, the Bracket Busters Skill Challenges are only active until the end of March. If you don’t get them by March 31, 2023, you’ll lose the chance to get a Gaxaly Opal Pete Maracich.

Now that we’ve cleared up a few things, let’s shift our focus on the last remaining active event till next week.

NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters Inserts Collection Reward

NBA 2K23 MyTEAM brought in an additional Bracket Busters collection event for players who want to go above and beyond their dedication to the game. Players who manage to collect all the featured cards with automatically unlock a coveted 99 Overall Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Dark Matter card.

The unlock requires players to acquire 13 different Bracket Buster cards of the highest rarity. The packs that contain the following cards can only be acquired during the Bracket Busters events from select pack collections. They will only be available until April 07, 2023.

The cards are ordered by the likelihood of getting them. Of course, it’s going to be tough getting Pink Diamond cards, even more so when it comes to the Dark Matter cards.

Pink Diamond Cards

  • 95 Overall Jay Williams
  • 95 Overall Marcus Fizer
  • 95 Overall Ben McLemore
  • 96 Overall Danny Manning
  • 96 Overall Malcolm Brogden
  • 96 Overall Keegan Murray

Galaxy Opal Cards

  • 97 Overall J.J. Redick
  • 98 Overall Kemba Walker
  • 98 Overall Tyler Hansbrough
  • 98 Overall Christian Laettner

Dark Matter Cards

  • 99 Overall Grant Hill
  • 99 Overall Greg Oden
  • 99 Overall Jimmer Fredette

Last week, the NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters event took an unexpected turn. The NBA 2K MyTEAM Twitter account announced that NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters inserts have been made available in Phenom packs.

The Phenoms packs also contain the Dark Matter Shaquille O’Neal and Lonzo Ball cards. As well as the following cards.

Pink Diamond Cards

  • 95 Overall Michael Carter-Williams
  • 95 Overall Eddy Curry
  • 95 Overall Darius Miles
  • 96 Overall Austin Rivers
  • 96 Overall Jabari Parker
  • 96 Overall Jonathan Bender

Galaxy Opal Cards

  • 98 Overall Even Mobley
  • 98 Overall John Wall
  • 98 Overall Paolo Banchero
  • 98 Overall Brandon Ingram

Insert cards from the NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters event have a chance of appearing alongside the featured cards of the Phenoms Collection. We think it is highly unlikely that you’ll get 2 Pink Diamond and above cards in a single pack. But you never know.

And that’s everything you need to know about the rest of the NBA 2K23 Bracket Busters event and ongoing collection event. Good luck out there, 2K players. You’ll need it.

Check out this video by Youtuber JC2K where he talks about the Inserts event and your odds of getting the featured cards.

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