NBA 2K24 Season Pass Got Announced and Fans Are Furious

Everyone is not happy with this.

2K has recently announced that the upcoming video game NBA 2K24 will get the NBA 2K24 Season Pass, a battle pass-like feature.

NBA 2K24 gets its own battle pass, which 2K called it as the Season pass which will be available for MyTeam and MyCareer. Players can pay to get access to additional rewards in the title just like the battle pass that many other games have that are mostly free to play. Unfortunately, NBA 2K24 is a paid game priced at least $70.

Fans are now up in arms due to this new Season Pass since they will have to pay for microtransactions for MyTeam and MyCareer in a game that costs full price. If it were free to play, it would have been okay, but buying this battle pass and it is similar to the one on F2P, anyone would be furious of this. By the way, the Pro Pass costs $9.99 while the Hall of Fame Pass costs $19.99. There is a free track, but we all know the premium tracks offer a lot more content.

There are even level skips for the battle pass for $1.99.

Fans of the franchise are now asking other players to boycott the game on launch due to this. “This new pass IS ONLY justified if the game is F2P. IF things don’t change, we go over and to Adam Silver to start tugging on his jacket about how greedy the ONLY NBA basketball game is becoming and ruining the image of the sport,” says one Twitter user.

Others speculated that 2K is doing this because they own NBA rights and they are the only company out there that offers sim-based NBA basketball games. “Because they know people will buy it,” one user said.

NBA 2K24 launches on September 8, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.