Neo The World Ends with You Out Now on Steam

Get it on Steam to get bonuses!

Square Enix has officially launched Neo The World Ends with You today on PC via Steam.

PC players who will buy the critically acclaimed action role-playing game will get a few special in-game bonuses. These items can give them a head start in the battles in the game at the beginning of the story. To celebrate the launch, interested buyers can get the game right now with a 25 percent discount up until October 25, 2022.

Neo The World Ends with You is the follow up to the beloved action RPG The World Ends with You, which transports players to the lively streets of Tokyo—assume the role of protagonist Rindo as you attempt to survive the life-or-death trials known as the “Reapers’ Game.” Rindo, along with a cast of unique and stylish characters, must band together to explore the bustling city of Tokyo and solve the mysteries behind this ominous game from which they can seemingly not escape.

The special in-game bonuses are the Legendary Threads Set and Reapers’ Game Survival Set.

The Legendary Threads Set contains five pieces of equipment, each with a unique bonus:

  • Legendary Headphones – Drastically increases enemies’ item drop rates
  • Legendary Tank Top – Greatly increases the user’s Attack power
  • Legendary Shorts – Shortens the wearer’s knocked down time
  • Legendary Sneakers – Increases movement speed during combat
  • Legendary Music Player – Enormously increases HP

The Reapers’ Game Survival Set contains a variety of additional in-game items:

  • Pin: UFO Rescue – Hold the button to slowly restore your team’s HP
  • Threads: Virupaksa Hoodie – Greatly increases HP
  • CD: Twister (NEO Mix) – Adds this song as a main menu music option
neo the world ends with you steam

Neo The World Ends with You is finally available on Steam.

Source: Press Release