New Game Boy Advance Game Hits Kickstarter Target in Just a Day

There will also be a port for Switch and PC too.

Normally, it takes time for a new Game Boy Advance game, or any game in particular, to hit its target funding on Kickstarter. However, the developers of a new game coincidentally titled as “Goodboy, Galaxy” has hit its goal in less than 24 hours.

According to Eurogamer, the developers of Goodboy, Galaxy went online with their Kickstarter campaign yesterday, August 28th.

The article said that the developers only sought out EUR18,000. As of 12 noon PST, however, the campaign had already received EUR58,000 – EUR40,000 more than the developers had intended to raise through the fundraising website.

This update marks the first time that a new Nintendo Game Boy Advance game was announced to be coming to the platform in more 10 years.

One of the game’s developers, Rik Nicol, told Eurogamer that the last GBA game released commercially came out in 2007.

Based on a trailer that was released by the developers, Nicol and Jeremy Clarke, the game is similar to Metroid but with graphics leaning more towards cuteness. The developers also said that they will be releasing Goodboy, Galaxy as an “aftermarket product,” which means they won’t attempt to affiliate with Nintendo.

The developers also said that they will be releasing versions for PC and Nintendo’s other console, Switch.

“We think it’s interesting, especially since the GBA doesn’t get too much homebrew (let alone attempts at full commercial style releases), but we’re hoping to change that!” Nicol told Eurogamer.

This development comes right after Nintendo had shut down a fan-made remake of Metroid for the GBA.

According to Kotaku, Team SCU has taken down its demo of its Metroid II remake titled “Prime 2D” after receiving cease and desist orders from a “certain games-related company.” The developer also said that they were asked to discontinue work on the project, but it is discussing with the aforementioned company on the best course of action moving forward.