New Kuro no Kiseki Characters Leaked

Two new characters from upcoming video game Kuro no Kiseki have been recently revealed in the latest scans of the weekly Famitsu.

Elaine Auclair and René Kincaid are the two newest characters to be leaked recently in this week’s Famitsu scans and will be joining in the latest installment for Kiseki series, Kuro no Kiseki. Elaine Auclair is known to be the Sword Maiden and works as an A rank bracer in Calvard. She works diligently to prove her worth in the bracer as the youngest A rank bracer that surpassed the record of Sara Valenstein using a silver crossed sword and works only with those who serve under the law. René Kincaid, a member of the CID (Calvard Intelligence Division), is man whose talents are very cool headed and is the childhood friend of Van Arkride and Elaine Auclair. He is very popular and a keen sharpshooter that uses an orbal gun.

As shown in the images, the gameplay mechanic of the game revolves mostly on the life choices each players. Every choice that a player chooses can either go for the law or for the underground. The system using Law and Chaos not only affects the player’s personality but also how the story will progress. Kuro no Kiseki will be released on September 30, 2021 for the Playstation 4 and there will be an enhanced version of it for the Playstation 5 some time in the near future. More info about the game will be released later on the 40th anniversary stream and on their main website.