New Mortal Kombat Game To Be Officially Announced Soon

Tomorrow is a new dawn.

Mortal Kombat 11 Raiden

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios have recently announced that the new Mortal Kombat game will be revealed officially soon.

“Tomorrow is a new dawn,” said the official Mortal Kombat Twitter account on its most recent post. It is accompanied by a short clip which is the same as the previous video shown but now the clock has been cracked.

At the end of the clip, a message says, “It is time. May 18 6 AM PT.”

Most likely, the reveal will be in a form of a trailer featuring a tease of a few characters fighting it out, just like when MK 11 was revealed. It could be different, depending on its co-creator, Ed Boon.

Just recently, Ed Boon and the Mortal Kombat Twitter accounts have been teasing its upcoming new title with the former denying that it would be related to Mortal Kombat. The clips that they share though betray them as it clearly hints that it is related to the popular franchise. Also, Warner Bros. has already let it slip that the sequel is coming this year.

See you tomorrow, kombatants!