Nintendo Switch New Model Reportedly to Use Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU

According to a new rumor, the supposedly upcoming new Nintendo Switch model will be using the Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU.

Leaker Kopite7kimi posted this rumor on his personal Twitter account. He replied in a comment to a particular article on Bloomberg about the rumored new model that supports DLSS. He implied that since it will be using DLSS, its SoC will definitely feature a Lovelace based GPU.

Ada Lovelace is the successor to the current Ampere architecture. It is reportedly going to be focused more on gaming and capable of ray tracing and DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling.

If this rumor is true, then the new Nintendo Switch model will be more powerful than its original version. The current one only uses Nvidia’s Tegra X1 T214 chipsets.

Also, to make the leaker credible, he is known to have correctly shared information about the Ampere GPUs.

Again, take this with a grain of salt.