New PS4 System Software Update 10.01 Seems Safe to Download and Install

New update is here. And it's the usual update.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released new PS4 System Software Update 10.01 today.

PS4 system software update 10.01 is now available to download for users. While the PS4 is almost 10 years old, it is still getting support even now. It seems it will get steady support even if the PS5 is now available since the new console still does not have a steady flow of supply. The PS4 will still be the mainstay, for now until the PS5 stocks become normal.

The previous update, PS4 update 10.0, has patch notes that have more details, which include changes to the Internet Browser and Remote Play. It made it possible to zoom in on web pages when using the Internet Browser and also made it easier for users to use a mouse and keyboard when playing games on PC via Remote Play.

For those who are curious of the patch notes for 10.01, check this out:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Yes, this is literally what you can see on the patch notes on the PS4.