New PS5 System Update Now Available But Not Beta Version

New PS5 update, another usual content.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released a new PS5 system update and is available for download.

PS5 System Update is the Usual

Version 23.01-07.61.00 is now available to download. Players will be prompted to download the update the next it me they power up their consoles starting today. And again, it is another minor update that has the usual single patch note: “This system software update improves system performance.”

The previous PS5 system software update was version 23.01-07.60.00, which got released last month. The update was also minor with the same patch notes.

Beta When?

The most awaited PS5 system software update though is the one in the beta version right now. It is currently being tested by invited users in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and France.

The beta version includes support for Dolby Atmos HDMI devices like soundbars, TVs and home theater systems. It will also enable the PS5 to pass the console’s 3D Audio feature to Atmos devices. It will render the 3D Audio channels to Atmos speakers.