New State of Play to Focus on Indie and Third-Party Releases

New showcase possibly to feature more Spider-Man 2 scenes, confirmation of Forbidden West Complete Edition, and more.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced a new State of Play livestream that will focus more on indie and third-party releases.

According to the latest post on PlayStation Blog, the newest State of Play will be happening tomorrow, September 14, 2023 at 22 PM PT. Director Shawne Benson revealed that this new showcase will focus more on upcoming indie and third-party games this time around.

Updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles will be main feature. This will range from indie and PS VR2 highlights to major upcoming titles from the company’s third-party partners. It will be an exciting broadcast especially for PlayStation fans who are looking forward to titles they were anticipating.

Those who want to watch the new State of Play can tune in to the official channels of PlayStation on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok tomorrow.

What to expect tomorrow? It is possible there will be more news on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, confirmation of the rumored Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, and other speculated announcements.