New Superman Game Hinted by Warner Bros Executive

We could be looking at a new Superman game that many fans have been waiting for!

A Warner Bros. Discovery executive has recently discussed their company’s portfolio mentioning a Superman game.

CEO David Zaslav recently discussed the potential of Warner Bros. Discovery’s current portfolio of IPs where they could all be part of various interactive entertainment formats. These formats included films and video games which he gave an example of Hogwarts Legacy and its big success. Since this game gained a lot after its release despite its controversy, he hopes that their other IPs would follow suit, including Superman.

Zadlav says that when a new product or show gets released, a game could be used as another medium. “It may be in the next couple of years that we launch a Superman movie and… people spend more time and there’s more economics of people just hanging out in the Superman world and universe,” he said.

The CEO might not have specifically said that there is a Superman game in development, he kind of implied that a game could be developed in the future. He did say last year that he was looking for a way to boost the gaming output of DC, so this is one way of doing it.

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