Next Dragon Age Title Reportedly Has No More Multiplayer Mode

A new report has revealed that game publisher Electronic Arts has allowed developer BioWare to make the next Dragon Age game to be single-player only.

After the success of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, it seems Electronic Arts has softened up a bit. The report from media outlet Bloomberg suggests that the next Dragon Age game will only focus on single-player content only and the multiplayer aspects that was integrated before will now be removed.

Actually, it was reported that the original plan was to make it a live-service game, but with the success of Fallen Order and the failure of Anthem, EA was convinced to make it single-player. The report also suggested that BioWare’s leadership team fought to pivot the next Dragon Age game back to single-player-only game.

This is great news after the cancellation of Anthem 2.0. Hopefully this will open the eyes of EA to make more single-player games and less of live-service online multiplayer games.

No details yet on what the next Dragon Age title is or when it will be released.

Source: Bloomberg