Ninja Gaiden Master Collection on PC Finally Got Much-Needed Graphics Options

Customize graphics settings is now possible.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

After a month since its release, Ninja Gaiden Master Collection finally got options that it sorely needed.

The day the game collection got released on PC, many fans complained that they had limited options to customize their settings for the display. It really had few settings that can be changed and that lowered its score on Steam. Fans asked Team Ninja to fix this and it seems they were fast to act.

Before, players had to launch the game and click on the maximize icon in order to play full screen. The game launched in window mode every time, which was a hassle. The game had not 1440p resolution, it automatically changed its resolution setting to what the display had and it was locked at 60 frames per second, which might have slowed down with lower PC builds.

With version, the much-needed graphics options are now available. These options are:

  • Triple Buffering

With this, the review scores have improved. These options were the customizations Ninja Gaiden Master Collection on PC needed so much.