Nintendo Not Interested in 3DS Bug Bounty Anymore; Focuses on Switch Instead

New Nintendo 3DS

Famous dataminer OatmealDome recently received a message from game company Nintendo revealing that the company is not interested anymore in looking for bugs, exploits, and hacks for the Nintendo 3DS handheld.

Rumored to be one of the best Mario games on the 3DS!

It seems the game company is finally dropping the 3DS from the bug bounty program with the email OatmealDome got. According to the message, the 3DS is officially dropped from their bug bounty program. This was a program where Nintendo offers security researchers money in exchange for exploits and hacks.

The email also seems to indicate that the game company acknowledges the fact that it is hard to keep the 3DS secure. They might have admitted that the handheld is easily exploitable and can be hacked with no problems at all. Instead they will focus more on the Nintendo Switch and will remain covered by the program.

Members of the hacking community are apparently celebrating since they can now exploit the handheld to their hearts content. Unfortunately, this also meant that Nintendo will be dropping support for the handheld and if anyone wanted to get their unit fixed, they will they service since they dropped it.

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