Legally-Binding 10-Year Deal with Nintendo Officially Announced by Microsoft

Nintendo gets help from fellow big gaming company.

Microsoft has officially announced that it has signed a legally-binding 10-year legal agreement with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty and other games to Nintendo platforms.

This is according to Vice Chair and President of Microsoft Brad Smith on his personal Twitter account, confirming the new contract between the two big companies. It will release future Call of Duty games with full feature and content parity on the same day as Xbox, if the deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard gets finally approved.

“We are committed to providing long term equal access to Call of Duty to other gaming platforms, bringing more choice to more players and more competition to the gaming market,” says Microsoft in a statement that was attached to Smith’s post. He also says that this is to bring Xbox games and Activision titles to more players on more platforms.

This is not the first time that a Call of Duty game was released on a Nintendo platform. This happened with Call of Duty Ghosts which was available on Nintendo Wii U. If the Microsoft x Activision Blizzard deal pushes through, then we will be seeing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Nintendo Switch on lower settings, possibly.

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