Nintendo Has No Plans to Announce Switch Pro or Switch Console Anytime Soon

The company is still busy with their component shortage crisis.

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Fans will have to wait for another year if they are expecting a new Nintendo Switch console.

Nikkei via Eurogamer has reportedly confirmed that Nintendo has no plans on producing a new Switch model this fiscal year. To confirm, this fiscal year will be ending in March 2023. Fans of the console line will have to wait after that month if they are wishing for the next generation of Nintendo switch. Those who want to get a Switch console this year will have to settle with the current models that Nintendo is offering right now.

Nintendo reported that due to the lack of components because of the shortage, it has now faced manufacturing issues. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said to Nikkei that their priority right now is to sort out first before they think of another Switch model, which makes sense.

So far, only two new Nintendo Switch consoles were released, which were the Nintendo Switch Lite way back in 2019, and the Nintendo Switch OLED in 2021. After that, no hints of new models being planned, but there were a lot of rumors and alleged “leaks” about the new models. Those leaks seem to be false now with this new report from Nikkei.

Nintendo Switch

Will Nintendo be able to sort out its component shortage for Nintendo Switch? Will they even have plans to design a new model for the next fiscal year?